Island Fox Program

Friends of the Island Fox, a program of Channel Islands Park Foundation, supports efforts to save the endangered island fox (Urocyon littoralis) on the California Channel Islands through conservation and education programs.

Island Fox in Grass

Island Fox Donations
Found on only 6 of the 8 California Channel Islands, in the late 1990’s foxes almost disappeared from San Miguel, Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz.  Many factors, including predation by golden eagles whose opportunistic residency was made possible by the extinction of the bald eagle on the islands as a result of environmental DDT, led to the decimation of the fox. 

Working with Channel Islands National Park biologists, Friends of the Island Fox (FIF) a program of Channel Islands Park Foundation, has contributed significantly to the recovery of the island fox through its focus on public education.  Since its founding in 2005 FIF has reached over 22,000 people at community events and solicited the help of local schools through the Fox Ambassador School program to educate children on the interdependency of various island species and the negative impact of human introduced imbalances. 
In addition, through significant fundraising efforts, FIF has contributed over 80 radio-tracking collars to the CINP and Catalina Island Conservancy; placed ‘Watch for Fox’ road signs; produced numerous fox video programs and created an educational website dedicated to the Island Fox. 

Today, due in part to the efforts of FIF, the fox populations on each of the 6 islands are thriving, and with continued monitoring and health intervention where needed, we look forward to seeing their delisting from the critically endangered list.  

For more information on the Island Fox Program including how you can help support the ongoing monitoring efforts, visit Friends of the Island Fox here.